PALIN..... Extra marrital affair!!!

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  1. Forget whether you know the story to be true, you don't even know if such a story still exists.

    Where is it? Why did the Enquirer pull it off their site?

    This is the same publication who lost a libel suit filed by friggin' Gary Condit of all people.
  2. this is politics.... it doesnt have to be true....... its all about the buzz in the airways
  3. The story I just read suggested that the Enquirer put the story in their Friday print edition only, in order to try and boost the struggling sales of their print edition.

    Wait for TMZ to come up with something soon...

  4. it also broke the Edwards extra marrital affair
  5. For chirssakes, is running this country brain surgey?
  6. Something tells me that surgery will be involved - along with dermatology and cancer...
  7. kut2k2


    Better to have this country run by a brain surgeon than by those needing brain surgery, like Bush and McBush.
  8. How f*cking old are you?
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