Palin emails to be released in free archive at

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  1. Palin emails to be released in free archive at
    Alaska will hand out 24,199 sheets of paper at 1 p.m. ET

    That free, public, searchable archive will go online, sometime later on Friday, at Watch that space and the Twitter feed @openchannelblog for updates with the Twitter hashtag #palinemail.

    At roughly 9 a.m. in Juneau (1 p.m. ET), the governor's office in Juneau will release to reporters 250 pounds of printed emails sent between the former governor (and her husband) and 50 state officials.

    Jake Roth / AP
    Sarah Palin was governor for 966 days, before ending her term abruptly.'s request for public records was pending for 997 days. Until today.
    The records were requested by, other news organizations and citizens in 2008, when the relatively unknown Palin was named as Sen. John McCain's vice-presidential running mate. Their release has been delayed so long that now the 2012 presidential campaign has started, with Palin the possible wild card in the Republican field.
    Keeping public business private
    Although Palin ran for governor on a platform of openness and transparency in government, it became clear when she was running for vice-president that she and her aides had moved most of their email traffic on public matters to private Yahoo accounts, presumably out of reach of the state's public records law.
    But one half of these conversations did become public records: Journalists and citizens requested under state law any emails sent between those private Yahoo accounts and government accounts. Specifically, the records to be released include emails that went between the Yahoo accounts of Palin or her husband, Todd, and about 50 top state officials: the governor, her senior staff, her cabinet, department heads, and some other state agencies. More than 2,000 pages are being withheld for privacy and other reasons allowed under state law.
  2. Unbiased news, right Convertahillbilliy?
  3. that should be good. i wonder if her writing is as empty headed as her speaking. whenever she speaks it becomes obvious that there is nothing upstairs.
  4. Senator Weiner says it couldn't have come at a better time. I bet Palin wish they'd released her emails the day before the Weiner thing came out ;). Last scandal loses in Washington.
  5. Where can I go on MSNBC to see Obama's past emails?
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    Those emails are locked up in the same place he kept in BC.

  7. Max E.

    Max E.

    It is going to take the same media, who strangely could never find anything about Obama's past, and dismissed the weiner story as nothing, about 1 day to dig through 25,000 pages/250 pounds of palins emails and make an ass of her.
  8. I read the media filed a freedom of information request with Alaska 1000 days ago and they are just now releasing the emails.
  9. Max E.

    Max E.

    How many of these guys do you think made the same effort to gain access to Weiner's emails?

    Im no fan of Palin but its funny watching the left wings obsession over her when all she is really guilty of is being an idiot, with all the corrupt politicians out there they waste all their time on Palin, who really wouldnt even be anything if the left wing media was smart enough to just quit paying attention to her.
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