Palin Email Account Hacked

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    These mofo's will stop at nothing. It's on Bill OReilly right now.
    This is totally illegal and he wants the hacker and the website that posted private info knowing that it was obtained illegally held accountable!

    He said if nothing is done he will contact Attorney General as this is a felony.

    I cannot believe these damn liberals will go so low, and they accuse us of doing it.

    They have nothing to say now, and if they even attempt they are asses.
  2. Nice to see there's so much outrage from the lunatic left.
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    Yeah where are they now? haha
    They know screwed up and having nothing to say, because they can't defend it.

    Check your mail pal.

  4. gov.palin @

    Y A H O O . C O M ?!!!

    Hold on a sec....


    She expects privacy from a Y A H O O account?

    Conducting govt. policy from a Y A H O O account?!

    Why is this Bitch not being shot for treason?

    fucking god damned borg. How stupid can you people get?
  5. I 've noticed something about you. Why DO YOU REFUSE to identify WHAT NATION you live in? Are you ashamed?

  6. you see, answering that question removes an itch you have.

    why the fuck would I want to alleviate your illness?
  7. I think he is a frustrated Australian who sucks Aborigine dicks. :D
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    Quote from Pa(b)st Prime:

    I 've noticed something about you. Why DO YOU REFUSE to identify WHAT NATION you live in? Are you ashamed?

    I think he is a frustrated Australian who sucks Aborigine dicks.

    Could it be Kangaroo Cock...LOL
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    IMAO: Time to Better Police the Tubes

    "Palin's e-mail getting hacked is the perfect opportunity for McCain to seize control of an issue that affects all Americans. Obviously, current law has not been effective with the internet considering the amount of hackers and spammers and spyware. With the anonymity people get on the internet, they think they can do anything, and prosecuting a person or two every so often is just not slowing them down. It's time for new tactics. It's time to enter the twenty-first century. It's time for a secret police that is above the law and answers to no one.

    McCain's first act of president should be to sign a bill to create the Internet Secret Police -- or ISP for short unless that acronym is already used on the internet. "After signing this bill," McCain will announce, "I will have no more control over these people. They are above the law, can use whatever tactics they want, and cannot be stopped. God help you weirdos on the internet."

    When they find who broke into Palin's e-mail account, the ISP will burn down their houses and connect the hackers tiny gonads to car batteries -- and they will post video of it all on YouTube. Inevitably, there will be an outcry, to which McCain can reply, "Hey, there's nothing I can do about it. It's not out of my hands."

    "But won't they go crazy with their power and commit even more horrific acts?" some will ask.

    To which McCain will smile and say, "Inevitably."

    Everyone will then get a final e-mail from spammers with pictures of them being flayed alive. Whole villages in Nigeria will be razed to the ground. People online will fear uttering l33t speak like wizards fear saying the name Voldemort.

    When spam is destroyed and hackers are reduced to curling up in the corner of their parents' basements with fear, who will the ISP target next? Anonymous trolls, maybe? You may think it will be horrific what will happen to them and a violation of human rights and basic human decency, but you have to admit it will help the economy to be rid of a few more useless people.

    So this should be what McCain will promise: A reduction of spam, a reduction of cyber-attacks, and a reduction of annoying little goober kids. We will have a new, cleaner, more efficient internet, and that's hope and change we can all believe in. As for anonymity on the internet, that's still fine. Just don't use it to annoy anyone, because then you die."

    :) :) :)
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