Palin Disses President of Penn State

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  1. In a remarkably, even for her dumbass move, Sarah snubbed the President of Penn State at a recent rally because:

    "A McCain-Palin campaign official snubbed the president of Penn State University who inquired about attending a campus speech Tuesday by Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin, university officials told

    "He's a big Democrat. Why would he want to meet Palin?" campaign aide Russ Bermel allegedly asked a school employee who was hoping to make arrangements for president Graham B. Spanier to meet Palin, according to Spanier's office. "

    Here is a reaction from a Penn Stater:
    "Let's see.

    Penn State is the largest university in the state of PA, with an enrollment of over 80,000 across 24 campuses, making it one of the largest universities in the nation.

    PSU has an economic effect on the state of PA of $6 billion on a budget of about $2.5 billion.

    The PSU Alumni Association has over 450,000 dues paying members all across the US, with about half of them in PA. It is the largest alumni association in the world.

    PSU students, faculty and staff, and alumni are among the most fanatical in the world. At athlectic events, social events, and just walking down the street, they greet each other with "We are...Penn State. We are...Penn State. We are...Penn State. Thank you! You're welcome!" I've had it happen to me walking in Times Square, in Hawaii, and Santa Barbara, not to mention hearing come from one dive boat to another in the water off Cozumel. From people I've never met but who noticed my Blue and White.

    And Palin snubs the president.


  2. The liberal media (consisting of MSNBC, Huffington Post, and Air America) have been trying to smear Palin since her debut; all efforts have failed. Palin has much more appeal than her detractors would have you believe.
  3. fhl


    Has your boy Obama ever snubbed the President? You know, of the United States?

    It's no wonder at all that your threads get a rating of one lousy star.:p
  4. Maybe she really wanted to meet Joe Paterno instead. :cool:
  5. Actually I don't look at the ratings but if they are as you say I would think it is because those reading them don't like the message and "punish" me by not rating or low rating them.

    This is highly consistent with the republican stategery of attacking the messenger.

  6. Spanier's annual salary, currently set at $545,016. For years his pay was secret. Nice work if you can find it.

    He was also a MAJOR voice against the file sharing of music. Elitism at it's best. The Agent of Big Money Academia defending other greedy artists who seek to pick off iPod programming kids at a buck a song.

    The implicit message by Palin: In the future pigs like Spanier will be slaughtered......

    I hope the pricks comp includes security detail.