Palin--America's Sweetheart

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  1. I have been amazed by some of the commentary on last night's debate. Who "won" or "lost" is immaterial, as are technical questions about who was more responsive or knew more details or scored the most points. That stuff goes over most voters' heads.

    What they care about is feeling connected to a candidate. They want a candidate they like, admire and trust to do the right thing for them. That, and his race, pretty much sum up Obama's appeal. Voters feel like they are part of a movie, starring Denzel.

    Now they have a chance to be part of another movie, one they know instinctively and that is far more visceral to them than the Obama Story. This one features a spunky gal from Alaska who just happens to be a beauty queen, star athlete, mother and good ole girl who can handle a fishing boat, snowmobile and high-powered rifle. One day she tells her hunky husband to fire up the float plane, they are going down to Washngton, Dc to clean up the mess the career pols have made. I see Julia Roberts in the lead role, borrowing heavily from Jimmy Stewart.

    If you doubt the power of this, you didn't see the Luntz focus group last night.
  2. Pocketbook issues can and do trump the day. When they see incompetence all the beauty queen hockey mom nonsense goes to the curbside. Everybody knows Biden would be more capable as a VP. Now is not the time to experiment with a)Fundamentals of our economy are strong/I still need to be educated on the economy and I read all but cant mention any magazines. Palin makes the conservative base ecstatic. Big deal. If independents think she is a moron (and I can't imagine any independent college graduate who would be impressed with her) they will be turned off by her.
  3. Even though is hard to believe that McCain could win, if he does, there would be a good chance she could run and win the presidency in 2012.

    Wishful thinking though.
  4. IMO she's President in 2012 no matter who wins next month.
  5. I doubt you're "independent". You sound like some moronic Marxist who thinks that a couple of lying lawyers with "world view" cred are preferable to a smaller government. When the Treasury market implodes in 2011 you and all the other pussy, "educated" white folk will be freaking out. Idiot...

  6. With all due respect, please take you head out of your ass.

  7. Palin-America's Sweetheart? Listen. I never said I wouldn't like to throw the sausage to her a few times. I'd just have to plug a sock in her mouth cause that folksy shit gets old quick! HAHAHAHA!
  8. When she speaks it just makes me so happy to see somebody honest making it big in politics.. it really resonates with me, not kidding here for a minute. Sure, she's in transition from cheerleader to leader, she'll make it... I'm sort of thinking McCain could pull it off yet and she would be the first female VP of the US. The first woman on the supreme court was a republican, maybe the first female governor as well, can't recall, it would be too cool...
  9. Exactly.

    She's like a female version of 'Dumbya.'

    You betcha', golly gee, aw shucks.

    She's a fucking retard.
  10. Lucrum


    Shouldn't it be BUY Lo Sell HIGH?
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