Palin allies report rising campaign tension

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  1. no chance, she's too stupid to run for anything.
    Look for Pawlenty's rising star
  2. While I think you're a smart guy your inability to see emerging trend changes doesn't make me think you're an outside the box trader. A million things change between now and 2012. By then Palin isn't an inexperienced Governor but instead she's half way through her second term. By 2012-which could be 3 years after Katie Couric is toast at CBS-few will remember these interviews.

    Further while I happen to like Palin because she's a populist libertarian-the anti-Christ to elites whose academic programs and salaries feed off Big Brother-you're trying to rate candidates based on qualifications. Get OFF that friggin' cloud and stay off it. By your logic George Solti should have Madonna's money. What counts is she draws big crowds, devoted soccer mom followers and television ratings.
  3. Ok Pabsdt, I'll keep it short.

    The American people don't forgive losers.

    Except for Nixon, who's probably the smartest / most determined president ever. nobody lost the general election and stayed in the game.

    Palin is done, Hillary is done.

    N.B : Beyond experience, intelligence Aka Cognitive ability doesn't change with time, all standardized tests prove it. You don't need to be a genius to become president, but you need to be smarter than Dan Quayle, she isn't
  4. huh


    Stuff like this is what sends me over the edge with Palin...

    This election is NOT IN GODS HANDS! Its in the hands of the american voters! Its in the hands of independent voters now, and independents don't want to hear this religious BS. God doesn't vote in american politics.

    At this point you're already won the religious votes so get your tongue out of the churches butt hole and put it back in the independent voters butt hole, the election is in their hands.

    Man she annoys me more and more. Plus if Obama does win does that mean God thinks you suck Palin?
  5. What is wrong with you people. This election is in God's hands. Everything is in God's hands.
    The only people in my life I met that were more orthodox than religious fundamentalists are the liberal nazis.
    A believer is not a retard, let's not get started on whether God exists debate, it'll never end.
  6. Palin would never had picked McCain as a running mate.
    There is not her scene.
    She will study and learn over 4 years and come back strong.

    Obama only has had 2 years to learn.

    You have said you are a man of langauge, fluent in French. Your use of the word "stupid" is stupide.
  7. huh


    This has nothing to do with the existence of God. This has to do with winning a presidential campaign. The presidency hangs in the balance on which candidate can convince enough independent voters and independent voters don't want to hear this religious BS. So she is basically putting off independent voters which hurts the McCain camp. How does she expect to win the presidency in 2012 if she is rubbing the undecided the wrong way? She still has a lot to learn about telling people what they want to hear if she wants a serious run at the presidency.
  8. Monsieur Mercor.
    Experience ne veut pas dire intelligence.

    You're confusing intelligence and experience.
    She has more executive experience than Obama Already, she is a governor, he's a senator. No matter how much she "studies," it won't cut it. She's the feminine equivalent of Dan Quayle.
    Reagan didn't have that much experience vs Carter, Brains count.
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