Palin '12 For...Senator?

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    Republican strategist floats Sarah Palin for Arizona Senate seat
    By Shane D'Aprile

    Democrats in Arizona are already taking full advantage of rumors that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin could use the state as a base for a 2012 presidential campaign, but how about a run for the seat of retiring GOP Sen. Jon Kyl?

    The Arizona Republic noted that a Democratic state lawmaker talked up the rumor last week and at least one Republican strategist in Washington, D.C. doesn't think it's completely far-fetched.

    Writing for the Daily Caller on Thursday, Republican Ford O'Connell, who heads Civic Forum PAC, argues that Palin could sweep into Arizona and win a GOP primary for the seat over Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), who's the only Republican currently in the race.

    In a piece written by O'Connell and Civic Forum co-founder Steve Pearson, the two argue that while "this is only a rumor at this stage, and it is probably being pushed by Arizona Democrats who are looking to increase their party's war chest, we believe it has legs."