Palestinians...Really? Come on....

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    Israel beats the shit out of gaza, then stops beating them and gazans claim victory? Seriously? This is like a 100 pound woman getting beaten within an inch of her life by mike tyson and then when tyson finally stops hitting her, she gets up and says "Woo hoo! I just beat Iron Mike Tyson!"

    Obviously something is wrong with these people. I mean, you have to have an IQ of less than 60 to seriously believe you won the fight.

    Hamas leaders in Gaza declared victory over Israel on Thursday, and thousands of flag-waving supporters rallied in celebration as the battered territory entered its first day of calm under an Egyptian-brokered truce that ended the worst cross-border fighting in four years.
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    Sounds like pspr, too.
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    Don't those ignorant goat humpers always claim victory?
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    Arab rule of war #1. If even one of them is left alive it must be a victory or they all would have been killed.
  5. Any sort of victory, imagined or real, over the oppression of Israel is reason to celebrate.
  6. When we kill the fuckers, they celebrate their dead 'martyrs'.

    I suppose its a win-win situation for all!

    We should give em more reason to celebrate soon, when we get Iran.
  7. Israel is right to oppress the terrorist fuckers.

  8. I suppose you are right because I'm against "the oppression of Israel " by their muslim neighbors.

    How the rabid dumbfvck liberals justify supporting muslim terrorist political entities against the nation of Israel is beyond rationale .

    Here in the US they will bash Christians as supposedly the bigger danger yet they keep the same duplicitous stance against Israel.

    Their only excuse is freedom is a bigger threat than Islamic terrorists.
    Pretty sad.
  9. +1!
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    Spoken like a true goat humper, or in your case...a gay brother humper.
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