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  1. Remember that guy who was all over these boards about PAL?

    I said that I would watch the stock......

    Glad I did.:eek: :)

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  2. Here is the chart.
  3. If these charts look familiar, I must give credit to ProfLogic. His formulas and methods were the basis of my own.

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  4. Thanks odd, great trade!!
    Keep it up!
  5. if i remember right that guy was heaped with scorn when he suggested people buy pal at 4. guess he got the last laugh.
  6. Ahhh...but wasn't his target somewhere around 100? We're <10% of the way there......

  7. FCCT


    At least he was in the trade, too many phantom traders on these boards. Nothing worse than guys with sure bets and not a dollar behind them.
  8. timbo


    4 to 10 is hardly efficient; given the variance in equity -- not to mention, comprehensive net.
  9. thats funny. he doubled his money in a few months but its not efficient.
  10. timbo


    Inefficient as a Spitzer whore.
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