PAL palladium

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  1. I bought a small amount of shares of this one yesterday after the latest cold fusion announcement. It is up about 13% in one day. Think there could be something to the latest cold fusion?
  2. AAA30


  3. They can always fire it back up when the price is right.
  4. Ah... PAL.... one of the points along the way where I made a tuition payment. Wiser now, if not richer.
  5. Up from 1.57 to 1.61 since I mentioned it. Not great but still a 2 or 3 % gain.
  6. Next friday there is going to be an announcement on Cold Fusion. It will be a joint announcement by the DOE and SPAWAR.

  7. King - I hadn't seen that before. PAL is at 1.75, with a burst to 1.95 intraday. That is up 18 cents or about 10% since I mentioned it.
  8. From 1.57 to 2.01 and it still seems to have some momentum left. 28% isn't too bad for a month and a week.
  9. PAL is exploding today. Up to 2.27 intraday, or almost 50% since I mentioned it. I'm going to check the web to see if there is anymore cold fusion news.
  10. Finished at 2.48 or up about 57% since mentioned. There was a segment on 60 minutes I missed about cold fusion. Also, several researchers say they find the extra heat in the palladium water, but don't know exactly what the source is.
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