Pakistanis behead British nurse

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  2. the religion of peace strikes again eh?
  3. Yup, seems like they equate peace with murder, rape, prostitution, underage marriage and terrorism. What a crazy way to live.
  4. They do stuff like this. No reaction from the muslim world. Someone mishandles a freakin koran and they riot and kill a dozen people. And Obama and half our brass fall all over themselves apologizing.

    Why do we still piss away billions in aid on Pakistan anyway? They do everything possible to get our troops killed, then bitch and whine endlessly about everything we do.

    Cut off all these muslim countries, starting with Pakistan and Egypt. Obama is promising to support Afghanistan for the next ten years and acting like it is some kind of accomplishment. Screw that. Cut those worthless pricks off too.
  5. Good post.
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    I can see that it requires alot of energy to run this particular alias and I say you cannot do it for long before you reveal your penchant for nuking muslim countries Jake.

    You can't pull this one off. I caught you the other day where you posted your regular "Nuke Pakistan!" nonsense and then quickly deleted it. You are outed and simply wasting your time at this point.

    Ever consider just posting as yourself and acting as you do in real life? Unless you are a complete nutcase it would require much less effort and you wouldn't have to keep track of the various personnas etc. Try it.
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    So then why does the left go unapologetically out of its way to offend Christians?
  9. Seriously/jakejones is one of you, like a son.You should guide him,bestow upon him the wisdom you've gained over the years.
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