Pakistani terrorists protest after NATO wounds Pakistani terrorist troops

Discussion in 'Politics' started by michaeljones, May 17, 2011.

  1. So... should we declare war upon the Pakistani terrorist country?

    Or instead, just continue to give em billions of $$$ ?
  2. elon


    We should just leave them alone. Leave them to deal with themselves and keep our money. Our schools and cities need fixing.
  3. fuck that. We pull all troops, all over the world home and just threaten to kick the shit out of anybody which comes out our soil uninvited. Let the world solve the world's problems.
  4. An alternative to putting our troops into Pakistan is just to nuke them. Everyone wins this way.
  5. No, Pakistan does not have missiles which fly enough to hit the USA or Israel.

    We could safely finish off the Pakistan Muslim Terror Nation with no risks to ourselves.

    Those who hate freedom and love Islamic fanaticism like Osama did need to be sent a message from which they will never wake up.

    God bless USA, Israel, India and indeed all countries engaged in the war on Islamic Evil.