Pakistani terrorists give Chinese intel on our stealth copters

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    This is another reason in a long list of reasons to declare war upon Pakistan.

    If we declare war on the Pak enemy, we may need to resort to nukes in self-defense, since they have nukes that they cannot wait to unleash upon New York and Washington. They are Islamic nutcases who believe everthing that the paedophile Mohammed wrote down.

    We need to cooperate with other like-minded countries that hate the Paks e.g. India, UK, Israel.

    God bless America.
  2. pspr


    It wasn't Pakistan terrorists - it was, our friend, the Pakistani government! Why do we keep sending them money? Let China or Russia pay them and the Paki's can be our turncoat.
  3. Pakistan is not our friend. They are snakes that will bite us when we are not looking. We need to listen to Israel and India about the Paks.

    The Pak GOVERNMENT showed the Chinese our copter.

    pspr, are you a Pak lover?
  4. g222


    No, no no ... no more wars !!!!!

    But ... a nuclear-r-r-r accident ??? That's another thing.

    After all ... they're still a little new at this atomic stuff. And geeeze, you know ... rookies can be a little ... clumsy. Not to mention the occasional suicide bomber that could get lost & confused near some nukie site ...
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    LOL It was a sarcastic comment. Don't you read my posts so you know where I'm coming from?
  6. Agreed. We need to have a few such accidents in Pakistan.
  7. Due Buy

    Due Buy

    Really now? That's like Jeff Foxworthy saying "I'm going to beat him up" after Ron White stole a joke from him. Why so violent?

  8. Cos the Paks and Chinese hate the USA.