Pakistani government minister offers $100k for killing maker of movie

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  1. I think we need to take the terrorist minister out.
  2. Pakistan neighbours Iran, so when we finally get around to declaring war on Iran, we should also take out all Pakistani army bases near that border. If the Pakistanis respond to this with Islamic Terrorism, we should take out the major population centers in Pakistan as punishment.
  3. Perhaps we should eliminate their nuclear arsenal first.

    I never really understood why our nation pretended pakistan was on our side on the muslim terrorism thing.
  4. A threat made against a US citizen. Should be enough for Obama to Drone him.
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    You mean the U.S. citizen?
  6. Roughly translated means, any Muslim killing him, will get $2.50 USD and a bowl of rice.....
  7. Yes, It does present a conundrum for Obama. Take out the American who makes a bad video or the Foreign official offering a bounty on the life of an American.
    This why Obama gets to makes the big decisions.
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    I'm sure Obama blames the film maker for his predicament with the Muslims. He can't even bring himself to say it was a terrorist attack after the facts are clear.

    Obama's head is so big I don't understand why, when he walks outside, he doesn't just float away. We all know it is just full of air - or could it be something else?
  9. meaning of "our nation" = Israel
  10. $100k? Thats nothing. Hezbollah offers $1.4 million for capturing IDF soldiers.
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