Pakistan troops ordered to fire next time

Discussion in 'Politics' started by fearless9, Sep 17, 2008.

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    By Iftikhar A. Khan

    ISLAMABAD, Sept 16: The army has ordered its forces to fire on US troops if they carry out another raid from across the Afghan border.

    An army spokesman said on Tuesday that field commanders had been asked to prevent any further raid after US helicopters recently ferried troops into the South Waziristan tribal region.

    ISPR director-general Maj-Gen Athar Abbas was quoted by the Associated Press as saying: “The orders are clear.”

    He said: “In case it happens again in this form, that there is a very significant detection, which is very definite, no ambiguity, across the border, on ground or in the air: open fire.”............................................................
  2. Dogfish


    You can't just take an army over a border uninvited, of course they would be shot at. Imagine if the Russians started ferrying troops into Alaska to find some rebels who'd fled from Russia, I'm sure the US would say sure, sure we understand go ahead, blast anything you fancy with your helicopter gunships :D
  3. Pakistani troops won't dare fire so much as a pea shooter at US forces, in my opinion.

    This is likely a smokescreen to get Pakistan off the hook with its internal radical elements for looking the other way at these raids. Pretend to be outraged; that way you can have it both ways: you let the US accomplish what it needs to and relieve US pressure on your government while you keep internal order.
  4. Your opinion is already out dated.
    They fired over the heads of US forces and their choppers two days ago at the border before the US retreated.

    This latest order is just a natural extension to the first order.

    As we speak the US is in Pak trying to reach a new accommodation, so obviously someone in US State is taking the whole thing seriously.

  5. Firing warning shots is a long way from shooting to kill. It allows them to say that they repelled the evil Americans. Where did you see a report of that happening?

    I can't see them taking out a helicopter or causing a casualty.
  6. Um, georgia?
  7. Dogfish


    Reuters just reported that US helipcopters had been fired on by Pakistani forces - can't say they weren't warned :D
  8. I continue to marvel at how gullible people are. This is a made for Pakistani public consumption story. If Pakistanis troops fired on US forces, they would be dead by now. They might have shot off a few rounds in the air, then filed a report. More likely, the whole incident was invented to placate the street.
  9. Agreed. They aren't that stupid.

    PS. Our military is beyond superior when compared to any other military in the world. China included.