Pakistan on Fire

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  1. My contacts in Karachi said 40 cars are burning and 40 people killed so far. Supporters of Bin L are rioting. All business have been shut down and no word when they will return to their work.
  2. Muzzies killing Muzzies: Allah would be very proud.
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    I suppose the problem is human vanity. It would never do, without gloating, just to quietly take him out. Then too, this act may have been counter counterproductive, we will never know now, if it were possible to continue observing his every move and communication. Sadly, this won't end terrorism, hardly a dent really, and could make it worse.

    We are pursuing the same policies that have proved so spectacularly unsuccessful for the Israelis for the past 50 years. Not being insane, so far as I am aware!, I would anticipate a similar outcome for the USA, i.e., we will still be arriving an hour early and taking our shoes off at airports fifty years from now, and still squandering billions that could have been put to useful purposes. With our help, this master terrorist will have achieved his goal of ruining the U.S. economy.

    But admittedly I makes one feel good for the moment that this bastard is gone.
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    Don't they car pool over there?
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    Burn Baby Burn!
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    LOL, i agree, this is a good thing, we kill Bin Laden, then the muslim extremists torch their own city that we arent involved in. We are 2 for 2 on that exchange. :D
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    Karachi is kind of a mess anyhow, what, it's Saturday night there or something?

    People use ad hominim arguments when they can't win an actual debate and they riot and burn their own 'hoods when they are LOSERS... I'd say that the US would not have killed old Bennie Boy if they thought that the repercussions to the US would be ANYTHING at all... I'd say to all LOSERS of every stripe that riot and burn: Shove it so far sideways that it gives you a migraine, blurred vision and your hat no longer fits...
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