Pakistan has WMDs

Discussion in 'Politics' started by cohen2011, Mar 25, 2011.

  1. It is now documented that Pakistan has WMDs.

    If Pakistan does not give them up, we should attack Pakistan.
  2. This thread is important. We must not allow Pakistan to have WMDs.
  3. They have had nuclear weapons for about a decade professor.
  4. They love Osama in Pakistan.

    Problem is, they all look like Osama and their caves are all the same as Osama's. So we can't do cave to save searches and should just nuke away. This way we not only take out Osama but a whole bunch of cave-dwelling Israel haters who've got nukes.

    If Palin were Prez, we'd have done it by now. But Obama Husein does not want to nuke his co-religionists.