Pakistan Govt Declares State Of Emergency

Discussion in 'Trading' started by oldschool, Nov 3, 2007.

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    12:19 *DJ US Rice Calls Pakistan Emergency Declaration `Regrettable'
    03 Nov 2007

    11:32 *DJ Pakistan Pres To Address Nation At 1800 GMT Sat -State News
    03 Nov 2007

    08:26 *DJ Pakistan Govt To Declare State Of Emergency -Private TV


    Here we go again with the geo/poli issues.
  2. ajna


    Unfortunately for Pakistan they haven't had a leader who cares a bit about the people in the last few decades. Even the supposed current bastions of hope in Bhutto and N Sharif are mad corrupt and were fairly useless in their times of power. And obviously the military dictators are unpopular and not a long term solution.

    However I doubt any of this will affect US markets, the price of oil or any other commodity. Only casualties here are the 300 million Pakistanis.