Pakistan Could Be 'The 6 Month Test' Biden Spoke About

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ByLoSellHi, May 5, 2009.

  1. That's right.

    You can bet there are the very best and highest ranking officials sweating out some sort of game plan, 24/7, in the White House and at the Pentagon.

    This is probably the biggest threat to regional security in the middle east and to the U.S. itself since the Cuban Missile Crisis, and in fact, is probably more grave than that given the actors in play and their lack of rationality.

    Pakistan lacks the will and popular support to suppress the Taliban, and we know it.
  2. I totally agree. Obama and his cronies trashed Musharraf left and right saying he wasn't doing enough but he was the only guy who could do anything. I still hold out hope he might return to power. As the Taliban pushes closer and closer to Islamabad it ought to be interesting to see India's response.
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    But what about that peace deal? Didn't the MSM and the Whitehouse tell us that when Pakistan cut a deal with the Taliban to let them run that valley, wasn't that a cease fire that would make everything all good?

    You mean, the taliban aren't going to live up to their agreement? Appeasement doesn't work? I'm SHOCKED.
  4. I will see your $100 and raise you.

    Obama did the right thing in shifting troops from Iraq to the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

    Me thinks he knows that we're going to need a large expeditionary force if the SHTF, which it increasingly looks likely to do...

    I have to give Obama credit on that.

    Also, we've been running a lot of probes and surveillance, as well as JDAM and Predator strikes, up in the Swat Valley, targeting some people who must be big shots.
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    Yeah, I'd agree with that. But the end is inevitable. Eventually the islamofacist nutjobs will get nukes, whether it's by taking over Pakistan, or France, or Iran builds a couple. . . that dark day is coming, make no doubt.

    Still it was funny that so many thought the peace deal would do the trick. There are always appeasers ready to turn over anything in the name of "peace", and they do not learn.
  6. Maybe it's time they start collecting ladybugs and caterpillars.
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    I think that some caterpillars are going to be just a little too scary for them.