Pakistan: ally or enemy?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by cohen2011, Mar 29, 2011.

What is Pakistan?

  1. An ally

    2 vote(s)
  2. A muslim terrorist loving country

    5 vote(s)
  3. I am not sure

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  1. Pakistan confuses me.

    It helps us against the Taliban, but it provides safe harbor to Al Quaeada.

    Is Pakistan friend or foe? Just to let you know, I voted for option 3.


    P.S. If you voted that its a terrorist, should we nuke it or just bomb it with normal bombs?
  2. So far, the 3rd option is in the lead.
  3. You are displaying a newly found appreciation for nuance. I hope you are not going soft.
  4. Which fools are saying that muslim terrorists are allies?
  5. If the Pakistanis prove to be a Muslim terrorist enemy, should we reserve the right to nuke the evil muslim terrorist enemy?

    Pakistan needs to be punished for possibly training the 911 terrorists. I say we nuke em. Pakistani Muslim terrorists hate Israel.

    God bless Israel and our allies (USA, UK, the EU, India, Russia and others) who are fighting the Muslim terrrorist enemy.

    Muslim terrorists can run but we will find em and kill em. Nukes are a good solution to the problem of Pakistani Muslim Terrorism; there will be very little collateral damage, since the vast majority of Pakistan supports Muslim terrorism against Israel.

    Pakistan is NEXT!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Most of you think that Pakistan is a muslim terrorist loving country.

    I agree.

    We need to start the bombing raids before it is too late.
  7. Perhaps I am going soft. I want to give the muslim terrorists a chance to come here and try and justify their existence. They won't be able to, so we should just bomb them.
  8. If Israel is your ally, Pakistan is your enemy and vice versa.
  9. olias


    Dude, STFU. I have friends in Pakistan and they don't hate anybody. Quit your fear mongering.

    "There is no political solution
    To our troubled evolution
    Have no faith in constitution
    There is no bloody revolution

    Our so-called leaders speak
    With words they try to jail you
    The subjugate the meek
    But it's the rhetoric of failure

    Where does the answer lie?
    Living from day to day
    If it's something we can't buy
    There must be another way

    We are spirits in the material world"