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    Looking for reviews from people that have gone through there training. Good or bad reviews would be appreciated.

    I have been a struggling trader looking who never had a real methodoligy and after talking to Rob, it might be what I am looking for with trading and my time schedule. Would love to hear info from former students
  2. Just ask for broker statements
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    No idea on there training. But I am a big fan of that stlye of trading.
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    If you want to get $5 back for every dollar spent, take your ego and put it in your pocket and take his class. Go there with one thing in mind only. This is to do exactly what the man says. Only question if you don't understand. If you do this Rob will make you the best you can be in 6 months to 2 years depending upon how much you want to put your own ideas to work. His methods and ideas are not new, pair trading started in 1967 as far as I can find out. His ideas are sound and teaching methods are as good as you can get. What he teaches you can be put to work the day you start class. You need a Series 7 to trade with him but the time and trouble to get it is well worth it. One very happy student.
  5. I think pairs trading is the ideal way to trade. More commisions, but more consistent. Takes some of the emotions(big market swings) out of the picture.
  6. Pairtrading is not the holy grail...and I have seen many pair traders blow out over the years. I think that pair trading is an excellent strategy for choppy, and down markets, but that markets where stock expand their multiples can spell disaster. If you become an investor in a pair, and decide to leverage your position, you will likely blow out your account.

    That being said, I have made alot of money trading pairs. Key word there is TRADING! I took their course, when I first started trading in 2001. Rob is an excellent teacher, the course was well organized, and Rob did a fantastic job of sharing real world trading experiences as they occurred and highlighted some past "lessons learned". While I didn't learn a specific strategy that would print money, the course laid out a solid foundation, a theoretical framework to build on, and helped me to focus my own research to figure out a way to consistently extract profits from the market. If you are going to trade, and want to trade pairs, I think the course is a good idea.
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    In trading pairs, what is your average hold time? Also, do you trade 1 stock of the pair solo and lean on the other stock to be used as a hedge?
    Thanks in advance.
  8. A few minutes to a few days at the most. I don't do alot of crutch trading, I don't typically trade just one or two stocks.

    If I'm in a trade for more then 3 days...especially in a low vol market....I know I'm in for quite a bit of pain.