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    Has anyone used these guys? I was thinking of joining them last year but hesitated because they were new and it took them over 3 days to reply to my simple question! But i just went back and saw their record since then, looks pretty impressive, but I'm not sure if its real or not, does anyone on here use them? if so, are those trades they publish in their record actually given in real time as they say?
    Thanks in advance.

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  2. yes their record is real, i can testify for that, all signals are given in real time in the last hour of NYSE trading each day. Ive been with them since last year and i know a few others on here have aswell. ive actually beaten their record in terms of avg win vs avg loss, i use their prices as a benchmark to beat, and usually waiting 1-3 days after their initial signal you can get in/out at a better fill, about 7 times out of 10 this works. ive used their software extensively aswell, however i found it easier with their alerts cause they check for news, earnings, fundamentals, etc....which saves me time from doing it. works for me. they aren't scammers if that's what your worried about.
  3. Jets,

    Yes record is real as Jonnysharp says. I've been a client for a few months now. Why not just join up and trial them for a month? a measily $50 will give you a good insight into them.

    I have found them to be quite honest in their dealings. Due to work commitments I decided to open an auto-trade a/c with them where they trade my IB account for me. So far i'm very happy with them'
  4. Thanks for the information.

    How many signals they might on an average give per week/month. Will they later give exit signals as well. Will all this be via e mail?
  5. Generally about 3-5 new trades per week. Yes they give both entry and exit signals in real time with

    Enter Trade - Long TGT @ 52.68 / Short WMT @ 56.01

    Then approx 10 days later, you will receive a exit signal on the same pair.

    When you subscribe to them, they ask you to request to follow them on their twitter channel, then you can set it up so their signals are sent to your inbox, mobile phone, desktop app or you can just read them straight from their twitter channel. All their signals arrive in the last hour of NYSE trading so you know when to look for them.
  6. Thanks Jonny for your kind reply. I want to receive signals by email. And I hope there is no fixed contract and I can cancel at the end of any month.

    I have already bought the software as well. But somehow I donot pick the right pairs. I have picked up 30-40 pairs and I am showing overall loss. Picking the exit sinal at the right time is the proble. So many exit signals come during the day and I find it difficult to find ones related to my trades. But still I think the method is good and that is why I would like to sign for signals service as well.

    Thanks for your comments
  7. I'm pretty sure you can sign up month at a time....Jump on the website and you can find out...
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    Thanks guys for your responses, they were helpful. I believe that their record is real now based on what you have said.

    Another question, how do you know how many shares to buy/sell with each entry signal, do they tell you that? couldn't see an answer on their website.
  9. They give you a position size calculator when signing up which you can easily use to show the exact quantity of shares to buy/sell when trading their alerts. Trust me, they have all bases covered.