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    Just wondering if there are a lot of people out there that do pairs trading. Is it profitable? Can it be done on a intra day basis and what type of profits would be reasonable to expect. I hear it is rather complex trading strategy with a lot of math involved. Any information would be helpful, just wondering if this is something worth exploring.

  2. The Don Bright robot will be along to offer a canned Public Service Announcement any moment now. Don has cornered the Pairs market with their exotic maths.

    Seriously, it's a mean-reverting/short volatility/ long correlation strategy. The sales-pitch would have you think otherwise, but it can entail more risk that a simply outright long or short position.
  3. Are you implying what you are saying about Don?
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  5. Always nice to be among friends and collegues, LOL.

    If you want to know about how about 100 of our traders make money, and how my brother is currently trading (day trading, swing trading, portfolio managing and collecting interest on the short stock sales on about 125 individual pairs), check this out:

    The "Canadian Robot" - Mr. Rob Friesen, will be happy to chat with you. He maintains a gigantic data base on more than 1000 pairs, which takes some of the "math" homework out of the trader's equation.

  6. Scrap any silly specter of "sales pitch", and a mistaken mystery of "a lot of math involved". :)

    For anybody really interested in pair trading - what it is, and isn't - why not email or call either of these two easily approachable, straight talking/no BS, highly successful pair traders direct?

    Langley, B.C., Office:
    Tel: 604-539-8700

    Downtown Vancouver, B.C., Office:
    Tel: 604-687-8625

    (Although Don Bright has a good one of his own, he secretly wishes Friesen and Clifford were his sons, too. :D)
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    It looks like the Bright bros are stooping to new levels. Sad.
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    who needs to call them? We have our ET resident pairs expert in Hounddogone.
  9. You heard wrong. It isn't complex and there isn't any math involved. Whoever told you that lied to you. It is just buying two stocks at once. That is why they call it pair trading. The purpose of pair trading is to run up your commissions if you work in a prop firm. You broker gets twice the amount commissions. You can do just as well if you buy one good stock instead of two at once.
  10. It's a long/short position in two correlated shares.
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