Pairs trading?

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by peilthetraveler, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Does anyone have any pairs that they can tell me for pairs trading? Im curious about it and want to play around with pairs for while
  2. nitro



    That should get you started.

  3. Thanks alot. :)
  4. Traded C/JPM today for about 30 minutes with 500 shares in each. Made $34 bucks Net $45 on C and $9 on JPM minus 20 bucks commissions(yes i pay that expensive 1 cent a share)

    So thanks alot. Your post just bought me lunch at mcdonlds for the week. :) ooooo....maybe i should pair MCD/WEN. hehe

    Thanks again
  5. reg


    If you're looking for something sexy, try GS/LEH. :D

  6. oooo....2 dollars a day price movement...very nice...I might be eatin' at Sizzlers tommorrow :D
  7. Hey, dont knock it....its not a bad low risk strategy and reinforces risk management.
  8. I wasnt knocking it...I was being totally serious...except that i'll be going to sizzlers. (i hate sizzlers) hehe I'll Post again tommorrow and let you all know how my GS/LEH worked out. :)