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  1. Does anyone have a recommendation on a fast and reliable software application for pairs trading. I'd like to have the flexibility of historical convergence/divergence information that's also downloadable. It would be great if it allows the incorporation of other TA indicators to help forecast future divergence/convergence ratios. I would like the flexibility of comparing two or three pairs against each other, as well as a threesome ratio. I would like to compare across markets (i.e. Financial, Equity, Futures, Forex, etc.); thereby, creating my own ad hoc relationships.

    any suggestions...


  2. Take a look at Neoticker. It let's you chart any type of synthetic data.
  3. Have you used any of the software from pair trading or neoticker? I'm a bit familiar with the pair trading site, as it's promoted by Bright Trading. However, their product seems soo expensive. Whereas the software from is only $49.95, while pairs trading software ranges from $795.00 to $3995.00.
  4. Does anyone know if you can do pairs trading for stocks in AMIBroker, Trading Blox or TradersStudio.
  5. Keep in mind that most retail brokers do not pay you interest on the money generated from short stock sales. This alone makes it virtually impossible to trade pairs in a retail environment.

    We provide our traders with some basic Pairs trading software for free as well. The sophisticated stuff does cost a bit.


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    You can do spread trading in TradersStudio, I did an article on it for Futures Magazine about a year or so ago. I will look it up. In addition I will work on an example of stock pairs trading in TradersStudio when I get a chance.
  7. Why pair trading? I think it's a bullet proof way of losing your money. Only good during bull/bubble markets and it only helps in diversification. Not good in this kind of market. Look what happend to bear & sterns. I'm sure some pair traders were on the buy side with this one.

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    Bulletproof way of losing money? Haha you need to get a clue before posting such horeshit.
  9. You tell me what happens when both sides of your pair go the wrong way. I just heard of a "market neutral" fund under liquidation for using your wonderful startegy.

    I say you got no clue. if you knew anything about trading you should know pairs trading is for losers. Biggest losers in wall street are pairs traders. Down more than 30% since year start.

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