Pairs Trading On a daily basis

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  1. I have been researching pairs trading techniques and gotten the "phone book." A few of you have alluded to and briefly mentioned pairs trading in the shorter term perspective.

    I am wondering if any of you are able to utilize this strategy on a daily basis, taking a flat position into the close. Any pertinet insights, links, etc. greatly appreciated................
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    I used to day in and day out profitably. One day I threw in the towel.

  3. pairs works, but it has gotten tougher now.

  4. ... most things (if not all things) are rougher these days...
  5. very true
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    Yes, things have gotten tougher. All over. Don't know of anybody who is just killing 'em.
  7. Pair trading is the only way i trade.extra set of eyes does help.Market is tough now.Just trying to stay alive for the better times
  8. Which pairs do you trade?
  9. I have a few games that are usually good for some cash flow, and they have dried up almost completely this week.
  10. I find momentum stocks and look for correlated stocks to pair them up the stocks for momentum/scalping and put on the other side only if you get caught--then trade out of the pair for a small profit and continue. The trick is to only trade the lead stock on the side that makes sense and with the spread chart at the extreme of its average daily range.
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