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  1. Is anyone aware of charting software for pairs trading where the spread is shown on 1 single chart? First Alert used to have this in their earlier version but my office switched over to FA's new version which plain sucks.
    Any help much appreciated.
  2. RT can do that.
  3. Thanks metooxx.
    Does anyone know if esignal or qcharts have this feature?
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    Actually, First Alert thin can do this. I have spread charts set up right now. I used to feel the same way about thin but I've noticed that their data and reliability is a lot better now. I think it's because they've finally transitioned their data centers to handle all the new remote users. Thin also has some cool new features like the Screener. Neovest claims the new release in mid-November will be much improved.
  5. for Pairs.
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    The THIN version still works for charting pairs....they call them "spread charts". Esignal can also do them in thier advanced charts.

  7. I am currently using the Thin version of FA and I personally find it useless. I'm used to looking at candlestick spread charts over a 5 day period and Thin only has line charts and I cannot go back 5 days using 5 or 10 minute charts. Pls correct me if I am wrong on this.
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    Yes, QCharts will do it. Type in the symbol followed by a space then the second symbol. You can use timeframes (bar compression) down to 1 minute.

    A contrived example: AMEX:QQQ -AMEX:SPY or even (4 *AMEX:QQQ) -AMEX:SPY

    Try this out for free on's Livecharts (
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    I just tried to do candlesticks going back 5 days. Nope....doesn't work. Only seems to work as a line chart....but does go back further than 5 days. Probably a bug.

  10. DaveN

    Thanks. I tried doing it on Livecharts but did not work.
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