Pairs Traders - which firm is best?

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  1. Which firm is best for Pairs trader - considering commisions, leverage, financial stability?
  2. If you plan on being a pair investor, and holding need to find a place that will offer you good BP for holding positions and fair holding costs. Really check the holding costs, that's what matters the most.
  3. What firm are you with? How is their overnight buying power?
  4. I am with Bright....they will let you hold 30X or more.
  5. I have to say that our Pairs guys offer "value added" to a very large group of Bright traders. Pair trading requires a lot (lot) of homework, and it's better to have that homework centralized and disbursed versus trying to keep it up all by yourself. With Bright "internalizing" the PairCo group, we can even offer more than before. The spreadsheets being beta tested by my brother are proving to be extraordinarily helpful, and the Rob Friesen/Darren Clifford team are absolutely incredible.
    Send me an email if you would like to know more:

    (I may be a bit bias, but I am really proud of what these guys have done).

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    Can someone explain to me what the definition of "pairs trading" is? Thanks.
  7. How long do you usually hold your pairs? My hold time is about 15-30 min. I usually pair a stock with an ETF to avoid slippage.

    MSCHEY - how many trades do you usually do per day? - per pair
  8. Can pair trading be done with futures
    Like going long on YM and short on NQ or either ES or ER
    Has any one done it - ? since people can do in Stock can it be done in futures
  9. I will trade as many pairs as I get fills on. I doubt more then 3 trades in any given pair, but every once in a while you get some good chop with 5 or more trades. You use to be able to trade just one pair all day and earn a living, these low vol markets just don't allow that.

    As for pairing the futures, I have been experimenting with it lately. There might be some opportunity there, but I'm still working out my game plan.
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