Pairannoyya and Gold

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Arthur Deco, Aug 13, 2009.

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    has to be the lamest-assed attempt at price manipulation I have ever seen, evedn by ET's low standards. They are so dumb that they don't realize that the intersection of gold bugs with gun nuts is over 100% (counting multiple personalities). If ever I thought such a thing were true, I would buy guns, not sell gold. (If gold were not so soft we would make guns out of it.)

    And as to gold nuts and gun bugs, anyone care to chime in on the virtues of gold vice investing in market (in)securities? I am betting on painful (price) inflation starting next year. Obama is the Viagra of prices. There. I said it. I feel so much better! One-World conspiracy theories. Intentional debasement of the currency to default on social programs commitments. Intentional inflation of stocks to rescue tax revenues. Paranoid, you say? Quick! What is the antonym of paranoia? Gullibility!
  2. Redneck


    Hey Dr.

    MO – Buy the physicals – on both accounts

    Base on your post I believe it’s time to invest in some more Federal – or possibly Remington – depending on WMT stock :eek:

  3. I have always liked RGR. Got more of them than any other.