--- Pair Trading--- What are the Pairs of all pairs???

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  1. I guess this really should be addressed to the brights, but what are the pairs of all pairs. What are (2) sets of companies that are so damn similar they make the BEST of all pairs.

    One example I can think of is
    Home Depot / Lowes

    any else?
  2. Check your textbook. Page 238, subsection 4B, "Substitute Goods: Coke and Pepsi - A Love Story"
  3. Are you saying Bright has a textbook w/ all the pairs? I'm not with Bright.

    Only thing about KO and PEP is that KO is international and PEP is not, hence KO is dependent upon the international economy and the dollar (Forex)
  4. Maverick74


    Long Bob/Short Don. Pair of all pairs.
  5. say 5000 symbols.

    5000 X 4999

    Your Vic-20 can handle that
  6. rnrow


    A:B pairs that are convertable. Buy CBS.A and short CBS. Do it for a discount, say .04, then convert the voting shares for non voting. only risk is putting on the pair.
  7. brilliant.

    since when is cbs 'convertible'

    name a pair that is
  8. rnrow


    CBS-A, which are super voting shares, are convertable into non-voting shares of CBS. There are other examples, but most of the others, the voting shares trade at a premium. CBS does not, yet.


    Can I convert one class of CBS Corporation common stock into the other?
    You can convert CBS Corporation Class A common stock shares into Class B common stock shares on a one-for-one basis in accordance with CBS Corporation’s charter, but you cannot convert CBS Corporation Class B common stock into Class A common stock. Contact Wells Fargo Shareowner Services 1-866-595-1717 for more information.
  9. What are you talking about? There is no convertible trade here. CBS-A trades about 30 cents higher than CBS