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  1. Can you help please?
  2. I had a look at netdania but I dont think their charts overlay functionality can be used for pair trading (also called stat arb or spread trading or correlation trading) because the graph scale on the right hand side of the graph (eg. scale for EUR USD) is not the same as the scale used on the left hand side of the graph (eg. scale for GBP USD).

    If the scales are different, the charts cannot be relied upon when placing trades according to divergence or convergence.

    Example GBP USD is 1.6 and EUR USD is 1.3 and because the charts scales are not the same, GBP USD seems a lot more volatile than EUR USD (even when it is not) because 1.6 is greater than 1.3.

    I need a graph overlay using the same scale for both instruments so that their relative moves can genuinely be compared.

    Can someone help? I know a Bloomberg terminal can do it but I can't afford the price of the Bloomberg license. I am looking for something free or very cheap to buy as a one off, not with a monthly subscription (I only need end of day data, not a live feed or intraday).
  3. I managed to post the netdania screen in the previous message.
    As you can see, the overlay cannot be relied upon to places trade as the instruments do not use the same scale
  4. Why don't you try Ninja Trader then. Free with EOD data. I have not tried the chart overlays (when I used it, now using Sierra Charts) but according to this link should be possible.

    As long as you want EOD data and not put trades through the platform, it is free. Plus you can do lots of other stuff with it as there are many handy indicators.
  5. I've got the lifetime license for Ninja Trader and was trading live futures with it (cost me around $1000 for the license).
    I haven't used Ninja for ages. I closed my futures account, and last time I tried to log in Ninja I could not.

    I thought Ninja was for futures only (that is what I was trading at least). Can Ninja support charts for spot forex and if it does support spot forex and because I have the lifetime license, will I be able to see intraday live charts?

    I won't trade from Ninja, I have another trading platform for trade execution. I am looking for charts only.
  6. Just to clarify, these are spot FX charts I need, not currency futures charts.

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