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  1. Does anyone know of a simple realtime charting software which will plot the difference between 2 symbols? I have found lots of commercial software which is bloated for this simple requirement.
  2. 1. no

    2. why don't you code this yourself it sounds very simple?

    3. For pair trading, you shouldn't be looking at diff between two symbols. you should be looking at the diff between percentage change of each symbol.
  3. autocore


  4. LVMises


    Esignal and CQG
  5. BigSalad


    Yahoo cannot show ratio spreads or calculate the difference of say 1 GOOG - 1.25 BIDU.

    For futures you can use -> custom charts or the free access to's charts if you visit and select trader support, charts, spread charts.

    If you're looking for cheap commercial charting software you could try sierra charts, Investor RT or perhaps Quotetracker. You could also use esignal, though it's more expensive.

  6. Regular Laser has this (simple) on its charts

    Modded Laser has this a little more advanced