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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by rmb623, Dec 21, 2009.

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    I am seeking feedback on using IQFeed with pair trade finder. Does anyone know if you have to use IQFeed with pair trade finder. In other words does it have the functionality to use whatever feed you want? Anyone had any problems with IQFEED?
  2. You don't have to use IQfeed, by default it comes with free 15 min delayed data via yahoo finance, however if you want quality real time data then you should subscribe to IQfeed, that's what I do, this is what they say about using other data feeds Ive asked them for other data feeds, but apparently it costs quite a bit for them to develop it. I find IQfeed good and haven't had an problem with them, good phone service too.
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    thanks. seems like the software is still relatively new and Baron appears to still be working on it. anything you dont like about pair trade finder? have you done any pairs trading with matlab? any comparison of the two would be appreciated.
  4. Ive had my copy for almost 18 months now, still open it every trading day, ive branched out into other things, however I still find good trades using it, i don't like their built in portfolio mgr too much, but apart from that the backtesting, charting, trading signals and overall layout is solid work and relatively simple to use. I haven't used matlab, so can't comment there. The only other comparable software I know are from the pairco bright guys, but it's twice the price and you have to clear through their REDI platform to use it, no thanks. Jared at PTF has done a good job of continually updating and supporting the software and for that he should be commended.