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  1. Briank84


    Selling a license of pairtrade finder that I recently bought. Was going to work with somebody, but that person is not someone who puts in his diligence so am selling his license. Asking $150.
  2. This does not make much sense.
  3. I dont consider pair trading to be worth my time...........and apparently its not very profitable
  4. bkim84


    The guys not putting in his share of the work, so I'm selling his license.
  5. Maybe you can find someone in the Pairs Trading Strategy Journal.
  6. due diligence has to do with evaluating somethin BEFORE purchasing. I guess you mean AFTER you got it, he was lazy

    Still unclear though, you purchased 2 licenses together and you are selling "his", or you went halfies and are trying to find someone else to buy in?
  7. Briank84


    I don't do anything like selling half a license, thats illegal.

    I have a few licenses, selling his.
  8. academic


    Who owns it? If it's his, how can you sell it? If it's yours, why did you buy it?
  9. Briank84


    What the hell is wrong with people on this forum? I feel like I'm being questioned by a DA. I have a license, I paid for it not him, I want to sell it. I have more than 1, I want to sell the other one. Why are you people so inquisitive.
  10. academic


    Just doing my due diligence.
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