Paint Bar Factory Squeeze setups

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  1. I'm interested in acquiring the instructions, including the 3 setups, for the PBF Squeeze (newer version). Please send PM.
  2. Why oh why am I not surprised? :confused: :p

    LOL, good luck allenhobbs ... you're gonna need it.
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    I wouldn't mind helping you out, but I get the feeling that you didn't even try things on your own

    kind a hard to help you then, no excuses
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    Has anyone used or currently using the squeeze indicator? How are your results? What are your feelings about the PBF service in general?
  5. thought I would bump this up as there were no responses. I have seen there website and requested many charts of different trading days.. customer service is better than any other vendor Ive ever encountered... the charts actually arrived within 24 hours with explanations pointing out various enteries and exits.. Although I havent actually purchased the indicator set yet because of my current schedule Im looking forward to having a opportunity to test these indicators in a real time environment.. If you are familiar with the Carter squeeze this indicator set is the squezze on steroids...there level 2 trade is especially accurate... To summarize it is a very accurate roadmap to trade any market with a bit of discretion in a very tight market range which the indicators provide a visual warning to be cautious.. Anyone with real time imput feel free to give your imput.... In the past Ive purchased traders International and felt it to be total junk in real time markets... this indicator set hold some significant promise.. Do a search on PBF and there are many charts to review......
  6. If you look around on the web (google it) you can find the whole entire setup ... from A to Z.
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    If the Paint bar Factory's indicators are true to form, I would rather spend the $500 , have all the instructions and pass on the copy's. Not to mention if the customer service is that good the developer certainly derserves something for his work. IMHO, anything else (like googling around for copy's) is the same as stealing.
  8. They actually are a suite of indicators which were created by a previous vendor, released on the open market for free while simultaneously being sold at the same time, and are currently repackaged and being sold by yet another vendor.

    Great way to make money off the markets, LOL. :p :D
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    A customer sent me the link to this page, thought I'd add my two cents. This is "PBF". :cool:

    First of all, thank bodysculpts, tradeanc, and NonBreedBoy#2 for your support. I don't know who you are or when you requested charts from me, but I am truly grateful and happy to see that there are still many honest people out there. Secondly, I would urge people, please get your facts right before posting in a public forum. *I* personally coded all these indicators myself. It took me a long time and a lot of effort. I have no clue what you are talking about in referrence to "previous vendor" or "free open market", etc. I am in Chicago, not in Asia. I did go on vacation and spent a month this year in Asia though. I have several customers from Asia, and I am pretty sure one of them bought my package, opened the codes, and was selling them for more than what I offer, even charging an annual fee after the first year to keep the indicators working from what I heard. I know this because a customer in Asia was approached by this person, and was shocked when he found my website later on: Same charts! Gladly, he is an honest person and he chose to go with me. Not to mention the support and upgrades I offer for free.

    Over the years, I have coded more than 100 indicators. Most of them didn't survive on my chart for more than 5 minutes. Only the useful ones are shared on the website. I answer emails promptly, as soon as the markets close at 4ET. Though you probably won't hear from me during market hours. I still want to focus on trading and growing my own accounts, the website is just a "side business". This is not how I "make money off the markets". The website is sort of "home-made", I don't collect email addresses, give special offers or promotions, I don't hire salemen or affiliates. It's a "believe it or not", "take it or leave it" deal. Besides, unless you trade without any indicator, or you have a way to trade with free lagging indicators with consistent results, you probably want someone who knows how to trade and how to code indicators to discover and show you a way to make consistent profit. After all, that is why we are here on the forums, right? I know I am all for it. If someone can show me a better indicator or a better, easier way than my system to trade the markets, I will be happily paying him or her for the effort. But because of a few dishonest people, while I have developed at least 3 more excellent indicators this year which I use to trade daily and compliment the system, I just don't want to post them on the website and share them any more. I feel discouraged. :( I won't say it's everyone's loss, that's simply not true, and I am sure there must be other great systems out there, but I know I didn't lose anything. Let other geniuses make the world a better place, until they are also discouraged. Then I guess it would be time for everyone to learn how to code, and figure things out on their own, hopefully, before the fifth time their accounts are wiped out...........

    .........Just to save $500! :)

    You don't have to like what I say, but it is from my heart. Just from a humble "vendor's" point of view.

    Thanks for reading! Good Trading everyone!


  10. Now if that isn't a rousing recommendation, I don't know what is!

    Come on follks, write out that check and send him your money ... ASAP!

    On second thought, that's OK.

    I mean, it's not like this is his main business, or that he actually needs to the money, LOL.

    BTW, thanks for bringing this to my attention. I have since found the code for several of the indicators and figured-out how to code them myself, as well as a detailed explanation on how they work.

    Not that I'm actually going to use any of this stuff, LOL! :D

    Too funny. :p
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