Pain & Pleasure of Systematic Trader

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  1. In this journal i'll document my trades from multiple strategies trading FX and futures.

    The blood will flood from my charts.
    The joy of profit targets will mix with incredible pain of suffering from losing trades.

    One picture is worth 1000 words.
    So i'll post charts with trades.

    Crude Oil system. What a stupid system, it didn't catch the move down today! Aaaarghhh!
  2. EURUSD system.
    Having losses between two meaty profits is BAD.

    Thank you all who traded today's move against the trend :)
  3. Another EURUSD system.

    If i'll suffer 3 stop losses after the current awesome short trade, my system no longer works and it must be sent to trash bin.

    yay or nay?
  4. 90 dollars down move on Gold. My system failed to earn.
    Everyone knows a good system must make money every time, every day. Otherwise it gives you PAIN.

    Just kidding. I'm happy trading it.
  5. Natural Gas.
    a real pain in the as*

    This strategy can lose $9k or more and later gain $15k.
    its brutal and ugly by every standard. Certainly, no sane person would trade it. Precisely why i love it.
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  6. emg


    Let me give u an advise:

    u know u will lose. u cannot beat the house. u don't have capital. u don't have enough experience.

    Remember this well

    More than 90% of small trader lose in a "Spectacular Fashon." They just lose!!!
  7. yeah emg. please tell me more what i think, what i have, what i will do.

    i can't wait to follow your words and advice.
    you're instantly my guru. please continue.
  8. closed a trade on natural gas.
    $2400 profit.

    hmm its gotta be a wrong system since it was backtested.
    manual trading would be 5x times better.
  9. mini russell system.
    another market where simple strategies do not work.

    i'm sorry, i'm too stupid to develop artificial neural network run, fuzzy logic empowered, VWAP smoothed and Generalized AutoRegressive Conditional Heteroskedasticity pumped piece of sh...
  10. euro currency future system.
    so many months without profits.
    who will survive it? nobody.
    it was worth waiting and be punching with losses.

    pic with equity curve covering the last 12 months.
    999 out of 1000 traders would dump this system the day before it is heading for a new equity high!
    God bless such kind people exist :D
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