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Discussion in 'Politics' started by siafx, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. siafx


    Seriously, how much money can I make by blogging as a liberal? I mean it has to pay well, right? I could make up stuff too.

    Everything bad that has ever happened = Republican

    See? I'm good at it too.

    Who is hiring? Or are they all computer robots? Some obviously are...
  2. The Republican side pays more.Rush might be out of a job soon maybe you can fill his position
  3. pspr


    Check with Ricter. He supplements his income with some Obama talking points here on ET. I'm not sure what it pays but I heard they were givng him a free vacation to Iran as a bonus.
  4. siafx


    No way.

    The democrat side is full of billionaires and elites. Rush is almost rich enough to switch sides.

    I'm just a slave...
  5. People like Buffet didn't make their money from being a paid democrat shill

    When it comes to making money to be a political shill republicans wins hands down.Maddow, O'Donnell,Shultz do not make as much as Rush,O'Reilly ,Hannity etc
  6. You have to be better than that. You have to target a very high profile republican and then make a bunch of ad hominem attacks on them. You have to say how stupid they are all the time, and if a conservative confronts you and asks for specifics, then you have to attack the attacker and make ad hominem attacks on him and say things like "You hate the poor and womens rights"

    Also a liberal blogger, if there is a specific target that the other liberals are attacking, make sure you join the herd. For instance...Sarah Palin was attacked for years after she resigned as governor. Even though she was out of the public office, liberals constantly and for years used her as a target, and when they ran out of things to say, they attacked her young children, calling her 14 year old a slut and making fun of her mentally handicapped child.

    So just make sure you have the stomach for no holds barred against women & children who are conservatives and also have the hypocracy to fight for those same women & children as long as they are democrats.

    If you are in it for the money, sorry...there is no money to be made. Look how many supporters OWS had and how big they got and they couldnt even break raising $500k between all those millions of people.
  7. siafx


    Well said, and I need to hone the skill of saying the exact opposite of the truth.

    As far as money, maybe that's why there are so many automated computer programs propagandizing. :)
  8. pspr


    Are you a computer program? AK-47 is one. Try not to talk to it.
  9. siafx


    No. I. Am. A. Slave...Beep...
  10. Coming from the biggest anti Obama bot on the web LOL !!!
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