Paid help for newbie forex investor

Discussion in 'Forex' started by david247, Oct 11, 2012.

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    I am planning to invest some savings of about 120k. I chose forex market to invest a part of this .
    The aim is to target about 5% return monthly. I know I wont make money in all months.
    But I want to use a tighter risk management to protect my capital
    Help (Paid) I need :
    1. Can you help me in developing a strategy for finding people to follow in social trading sites like etoro, zulutarde , currensee, tradency – This can be hourly pay or a profit sharing job .

    2. If you offer a managed account or PAMM account I will be interested but I will need verifiable track record

    If anybody of you are in the same boat please contact me so that we can share our research ideas and help each other find some good options .

    Apart from these If anybody of you have any suggestions /interest to help a newbie investor to make some informed decisions please feel free to drop a note here or email to --here at stands for @

    P.S: I know some people might suggest not to invest in forex , but the question is not whether to invest or not – kindly don’t digress the topic

    Note: My aim is not to become the worlds best trader (have a good full time job) , but to ideniy the opportunities in forex market to serve as one of my investment avenues