Paid help for newbie forex investor

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by david247, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. david247



    I am 27 and planning to invest some savings of about 120k. I chose forex market to invest a part of this .
    The aim is to target about 5-10% ( approximately/hoping/dreaming) return monthly. I know I wont make money in all months.
    But I want to use a tighter risk management to protect my capital
    Help (Paid) I need :
    1. Can you help me in developing a strategy for finding people to follow in social trading sites like etoro, zulutarde , currensee, tradency – This can be hourly pay or a profit sharing job .
    2. If you offer a managed account or PAMM account I will be interested but I will need verifiable track record

    Apart from these If anybody of you have any suggestions /interest to help a newbie investor to make some informed decisions please feel free to drop a note here.

  2. WS_MJH


    Good morning:

    (1) Trading in general is risky.

    (2) Getting 10-15% returns is definitely possible; however, it takes work to get there. The majority of funds can't beat the benchmark, and on et there's lots of people who don't know how to trade. You really have to put in the hours to learn how to do this.

    (3) Be careful of get rich quick schemes. Don't let your hard earned money go up in smoke. Take time to learn how to trade. Lots of threads on et and the book section should give you a start. Then paper trade and start learning about the markets yourself. Nothing better than screentime.

    good luck!