paid forex signals? or free forex signals

Discussion in 'Forex' started by holland, Apr 30, 2019.

  1. holland


    Does anyone actually pay for signals? Or just use free ones? What is better about paid signals?
  2. may as well toss a coin
  3. maxinger


    I AGREE.
  4. tomorton


    The only way I would pay for signals is if the vendor explained how they were generated. Then I would be able to generate them for myself and stop paying him.
  5. you are one nasty fellow ain't you?
  6. tomorton


    If I was really nasty, I'd be selling signals......
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  7. yes I love that.....they are really nasty fellows
  8. vin2018


    Yes! there are people who are ready to pay for signals. And I do not see any harm in paying for the signals if they are coming from a reputed signal service provider. You have to research and find about such service providers.
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  10. Funny story short: My fathers best friend follows a signal to trade in the opposite direction and is up more than 15% this year :)
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