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  1. ganesh6



    Anybody here is using/tried system?

    Would like to know your opinions about it.

    Thanks for any reply.
  2. newtoet


    Stumbled across your post...yes, I tried the one day free-trial and I watched another one day free-trial while trading with a friend.

    On the positive - strictly a signal-calling service, no worthless chit-chat. The technology is cool - easy to get the signals and see the various information.

    On the negative - like similar services, a lot of different levels. So one is bound to hit and make them look like an expert. I noticed on the day I did the trial that while they had a good trade, that trade would have been entered and stopped several times before it finally worked. That is not really reflected in the results.

    Also, because there are so many levels the calls can get confusing. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say I only had one day and it probably takes a few to figure out what and how they are calling stuff. But it seemed a lot more complicated than it needed to be, and at times it seemed like a stop was hit but later they would act as if the trade was still on? Again, kind of confusing.

    From my standpoint, they have nothing magical that you can't do yourself with standard pivots and support/resistance. I would not waste the time or money.
  3. Pagetrader is cool with the interface but their performance is poor and their record is dishonest. Take the tour for a few weeks with different email accounts, names and addresses ( and see for yourself. There's nothing there worth $300 a month.
  4. I would agree, I actually trialled them for a month or so. They claim alot of success when they predict "swing highs" etc - but actual trades they are not a very good signal provider and I lost money with them.

    There are a couple others I have found that work more consistently, I am not sure if I am allowed to mention their names here though.

    Please advise if anyone is interested.

  5. They advertise on Adwords...tried them out ...dishonest, yes...more like a scam
  6. It took time, but it helped out my own trading immensely when I started working with successful traders - and I would like to help others.

    Is there a thread that discusses various signal services ?

    I don't want to be flamed for spamming, hence my question.

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    I have been a subscriber to Page Trader for 3 1/2 months now. The Issues I have with them is they show fills when the level is touched not passed. For instance, if they say buy at 1140.25 and it is touched but not exceeded, they call it a fill and base thier performance off of it. They do tend to be able to call swing points intraday, but it is hard to figure out where to get in at sometimes. My other issue is that I signed up for a "special" They sent out a email that said if you pay for three months, they would give you 729.0 days free. I bit and when the three months were up, the rebilled me. I called and complained and they said that the email "special" was a mistake and that they would do nothing about it as "email specials sent out in error were not enforcable" I tried to cancel at that time but all they would do is refund $250.00 off of the 749.00. I threatened to turn the matter over to my Attorney Genreral and they said go ahead, that they had everything prepared and ready for them.
    They seemed awfully prepared in thier answers to every complaint I had, they said I should have called when I signed up to question them instead of enrolling on faith that thier advertisments were real.
    Anyway, I have only made back about what I paid for the service. I am learning you really have to finesse the signals and watch other indicators to see where the momentum is as the market does not always go through thier levels to give you a fill.
    I am stuck with them until December, be careful with them as they are very "slick" with answers to complaints, I think they get alot of them as the rep I talked to had an instance response to every point I brought up with him.
    Good luck
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    If that's really what they said, then you should have gotten a chargeback from your credit card company. i can't imagine that would have been a problem