Pagetrader: deceit?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by traderob, May 29, 2004.

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  1. traderob


    Read the reviews for SPmessenger by Pagetrader.
    Mikecully has written 3 of them.
    He says he is a customer only, yet his profile lists pagetrader as his homepage.
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  2. Pabst


  3. It's kinda weird how he promotes the site in one post, then writes a review as an objective entity. Maybe it's Multiple Personality Disorder or something. But then, shouldn't he have different usernames? :(
  4. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    The mikecully account has been banned for being deceitful, and the SPmessenger program has been removed from the ratings system totally. Thanks for pointing the problem out. I appreciate it.
  5. How's that for decisive action? :p
  6. traderob


    spmessenger was the only paid chatroom in the software review.
    How did you decide to include it? I am guessing some anonymous "customer" extolled its virtues to you?
    Have you kept a copy of the reviews?:
    False representations on the worlds lagest trading forum might count as partial evidence when the CFTC get around to prosecuting these guys.
  7. roberk, it is a free trial. Mike does not work for PageTrader but does get paid for promoting it. After speaking with him on the phone, he communicated he posted 2 messages because there was a negative post that stated past performance was not available, and it is on the PageTrader S&P Forecasting website.

    I personally suggested to Baron the product to be added. We did so after having moderators of Elite Trader review the product, and deciding Elite Trader would be a good place to promote.

    Mike also says he cannot post. Is that considered the recourse because he was not able to reply to a submitters review?

    May I ask you post the ratings Mike submitted as I was unaware he submitted one.

    If you see the PageTrader web site you will see I provide the following that differentiate us from the rest.

    A. Free Trial.
    B. Loss and Wins
    C. No promise of wins.
    D. In Internet business since 2001
    E. Partneships with the trading community.
    F. We trade our own signals and have profitable trading statements to prove it.

    So I ask you, please re-consider your removal of the PageTrader product for review.

    If you look through your old Futures Magazine or on the FuturesMag website, you will find paid ads since 2001, and paid leads from futures since 2003.

    Because of our commitment to EliteTrader members I gave past subscribers a full week trial. People who see us in magazines and other sources only receive 1 day.

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