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    any hardware/software solution? i need to have realtime alert when walking in the rooms or jogging in a 5 mile radius around the house. how does the hardware work? how do I hook it up to my own trading platform and use a complicated alert system. Or maybe not a pager but a cell phone? Thanks.

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    thanks for the link. although it is a nice freebie for general purposes, it is not sophisticated enough for my own customization.


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    I think a reasonable economic approach is to using the text message feature of my cell phone. Write a program to submit an alert to the web interface.

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    had alert service for awhile, didn't do a thing for me, it always went off at the most inconvenient time.
  5. One thing you can do if you know how to program is use the text messaging of your cell phone, as you said. You can use microsoft CDO (CDO Overview) to email your cell phone, which will show up as a text message. For example, verizon phones are in the format of:

    Good luck...
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    thanks richtrader. I'll try it.

    nkhoi, convenience is the price we small traders pay for trading profitably. I consistently seek inconvenient trades all the time.

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    if you get a real time alert and u are 5 miles away on you just sprint back?
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    I use my cell phone to activate a contingency plan by sending a message to a program agent at home. Then I head to home.


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    I use this ... But not for critical alerts. Here is the issue with this solution: The email gateway at verizon carries no gaurantee of turnaround time. That is, you might send a message into the verizon mail server but the time lag before it sends out the text message to your cellphone might be unacceptable. The lag depends upon the load conditions at verzon, including loads on the cell network segment on which you are currently located. We've tested this and found that there can be situations in which the message will lag by up to an hour: we have also found cases in which the messages have been confirmed received at the email gateway but because verizon had too high of a load they simply discarded the text message request without notification to the sender.

    In short, our rec would be to not use this technique for critical alerts - somthing not time sensitive might be okay ...
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