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  1. I'm using PageTrader to help me in my ES trading, any other service someone thinks is better than this one???????/
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    How do you like the service? I have tried the 1 day trial, and the charts on the website look good. How does he do in realtime?
  3. I like it, it has accurate market levels.
  4. I have been looking at this also but..... i dont know..... just seems like its too good to be true
  5. I just started using the S&P Messenger service of PageTrader. It worked well on Friday 3/24/06. I understand the style better than most emini rooms I have recently visited and I made some money on Friday.

    I'll see how it does Monday and Tuesday under the influence of the FOMC meeting plus the days afterward which usually provide plenty of volatility in the market.

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    The problem is ,Pagetrader posts the trades against the direction for 1-2 pts profit.I couldn't catch any long runner trades with that service after tried it couple of times.
  7. Kent2000,

    What system do you use now?

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    after wasting my time and money with almost all services ,I created my own method and scalping ES only .
    I use 0.5 pt stops and 1-1.5 pt profit taking targets (1:3 R/R )which is good for me.
  9. If you use PageTraders messenger service, there is absolutely no way you can manage the returns he claims.

    Nightly report gives decent s/r levels, all else is garbage.
  10. Anyone try the PageTrader Visual Trading Plan?
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