Paddy Power Pays off Obama Bets Early

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  1. Last time I betted with these guys was against Dukakis.

    They are just paying off anybody that betted on Obama early.

    As far as they are concerened it is a done deal.

    Last time they got burned doing this was this was paying off Tiger Woods to win the US Open

    at anyrate, they are probably so evenly spread that it is just good advertising
  2. poor people should not let their emotion blind their judgment. Obama is not doing the poor people a favor with his health care program. universal coverage sounds great, but what he did is adding more tax on your back to pay for the cost (on top of social security tax, medicare tax, state tax, federal tax, city tax, and now Obamacare tax).

    Obama will get the glory of the victory, but you the same old chump will pay for it when the health care tax kicks in. that is the irony!

    Medicare is already on the verge of bankruptcy already, there's no guarantee Obamacare will be any exception? the consequence is either increase tax or cut benefits!

    This election affects you personally!

    ObamaCare also increases the cost of doing business!
  3. ok, so like, what does that have to do with betting on it?

    I think they have a forum called "Politics and Religion" for people that want to bitch.

    I'm not even talking about betting on it, all I'm reporting is they are paying off the bets on Obama early, without even waiting for the election results, so you have money to bet on what they call football.

    They don't make any money when it is just sitting there.

    Plus, like I said, it is good advertising.
  4. OLDTIME:I think they have a forum called "Politics and Religion" for people that want to bitch.
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    Hehe. Nice one...
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    bookies move the vig and only care about balancing their books, so if they r paying off the fav .they are moving the vig agaisnt their book....this is definitely a publicity stunt...why would they pay off early?