Pacquiao vs. Mayweather another example of liberalism run amok

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    Max E.

    This is kind of a funny story, and something that boxing fans can appreciate.

    Last week, when Obama came out saying he was in favour of Same sex marriage, Manny Pacquiao comes out and says that he believes that marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman based on his religious beliefs. I dont agree with Pacquaiao on this, but i dont find the position particularly offensive, he wasnt disparaging gays or anything. Well right after this some liberal mall owner from LA says that Pacquiao is no longer welcome in his mall. (funny how he never banned Obama from his mall)

    So the next week Mayweather comes out and tweets about how he supports gay marriage as well as Obama, and he is instantly Lionized by the liberal media.

    Mayweather has a checkered past of calling people faggots, and genuinely being a complete and utter asshole, where as Pacquiao is a class act, and a genuine hero in the phillipines, who has donated millions of dollars to help with poverty out there......

    One of my exes was phillipino and literally 40-50 people in her family would show up for all of his fights, because of what he has done out there, the guy is one of the true heros in boxing, and specifically in the Phillipines because of what he has done....

    Guess which one ends up being the ass hole according to liberal, and boxing announcers?

    As a boxing fan, i only hope that this will be the final straw that leads to the inevitable Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight.

    Floyd Mayweather once called a talk radio host a "faggot." He mocked a fellow boxer Miguel Cotto, for sharing a bed--while training for a fight--with his male trainer, whom Cotto, who is married to a female, considers a brother. Mayweather's past words and actions are more vicious and insidious than anything Manny Pacquiao has said about gays, but all that will be swept under the rug now that Mayweather, in an overt attempt to gain
    publicity at the expense of his nemesis, has tweeted his support of gay marriage.

    Boxing fans all over the world are waiting for Pacquiao and Mayweather to fight in the ring. And while nobody knows if the two best boxers in the world will ever agree to fight, they have continued to trade verbal jabs outside the ring.

    And it continued again on Wednesday when, after Pacquiao was banned from a Los Angeles shopping center for his stance against same-sex marriage and gay rights groups called for Nike to drop him for words he never uttered, Mayweather (@FloydMayweather) took to his twitter account to tweet, “I stand behind President Obama & support gay marriage. I'm an American citizen & I believe people should live their life the way they want.”

    But it seems like Mayweather’s apparent evolution on the issue of gay marriage was, just like President Obama’s, political--especially as Mayweather has used a gay slur and mocked gays in the past, for publicity's sake.

    In November of 2011, Mayweather called into a show on Sirius, hosted by the disc jockey Rude Jude, and called Rude Jude a “faggot” after a heated confrontation in which he was accused of being “insecure” and afraid to fight Pacquaio.

    And on episode 4 of HBO's "24/7" that aired this month, Mayweather, while filmed under his covers in his bed, looks into the camera and says he is "not gonna show you who is under here" and then, with a smirk, says, "it's not a guy," which is a reference to a scene in the second episode of the series when his opponent, Cotto, was shown sleeping in the same bed as his male trainer while training for his bout with Mayweather.

    Yet these inconvenient details probably will not matter to people like Rick Caruso, who banned Pacquaio from his Los Angeles shopping complex, the mainstream media, or other militant gay rights groups and campaigns, such as the "It Gets Better Project" associated with bully Dan Savage.
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    Max E.

    And Lest any of you who dont pay attention to Boxing question whether or not Mayweather is a piece of shit, here is his last fight, where he came up to tap gloves with his opponent, (an unwritten rule) and then just knocked his ass out with a sucker punch, then proceeded to go after the 80 year old ring announcer, after being questioned about it.....

    The conversation starts at 2:38 with the ring announcer where he justifices his cheapshot....

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  3. I stopped watching boxing/ufc a couple years back.. just to much hype for what you get. however, I would definitely order Mayweather vs Pacquiao. . I need to see Mayweather get his ass beat, hate the guy always have. Don't get me wrong he is a truly exceptional boxer but he is also one of the biggest douchebags on the planet. never was a fan of slow talking Larry Merchant either but good for him. It was a dirty KO but the dude should have had his hands up.

  4. Mayweather is the biggest piece of shit in boxing.Not only is he a piece of shit out of the ring(he is currently about to go to jail for beating and terrorizing the mother of his children in front of them) but he is also one of the biggest frauds in the history of the sport who has avoided the best fighters his entire career
  5. Max E.

    Max E.

    I agree..... I want to see this fight soooooooo bad, Pacquaio (SP) is my favourite fighter, and he is the only guy i have paid to watch since Tyson, I love watching a guy who comes in to the ring strictly looking to knock his opponent out..... I want to see mayweather get his ass knocked out....

    Usually i dont like the smaller guys, but Pacquiao fights similar to tyson where he tosses hay makers all throughout his fights, and i love that.... the guy is a warrior....

    Boxing needs some more heros, cause i cant think of anyone else i would pay to see once these 2 are gone....

    Is there anyone who is really interested in watching the Klitchkos fight?

  6. Completely true, he has taken padding your record to the extreme. In fact, almost all of his most notable wins are against washed up fighters. Also, I remember him staying at the lower weight classes when like junior welterweight was super competitive lol. For all his big talk he doesn't want to actually prove himself against anyone considered his equal.

    It was a long time ago so I barely remember, but at the time of one of the Castillo fights I thought 'pretty boy' lost for sure. He is one of the reasons boxing has become a joke.. fight-dodging.

  7. +1.I love the brawlers too.Rocky Marciano and Jack Dempsey are my all time favs.Tyson is the only modern heavyweight that I liked.I have no interest in the Klitchkos .Lennox Lewis put me to sleep with his boring style

    Pacquaio has been my favorite fighter for years since Felix Trinidad retired

    Mayweather knows he cant beat Paq thats why he avoids him and make all kinds of excuses to get out of it.Mayweather is the reason the fight is not happening
  8. +1

    Castillo beat him the first fight .At any given time there or one or 2 two tough opponents for him to fight and he wont fight either of them.Right now there is Manny Paq at 147 and Sergio Martinez at 154 and he wont either .
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    Max E.

    Yeah, i have no interest in watching someone score points, "Olympic style" thats what i dont like about UFC sometimes, i hate when it goes to the ground for three rounds, and 2 guys struggle and nothing gets done....

    I used to always watch Pacquiao with my girlfriend when i lived in Toronto, If you like him, you should see how intense it is watching his fights with a bar full of 40-50 phillipinos..... I would imagine it is like watching the Italians in the world cup, if you want a comparison that is equivalent to your background (Sorry if you dont like soccer it was only a guess).....Its like me as a Canadian watching Canada win The Olympics in Hockey at Home in Vancouver.....

    There is always something more interesting about watching shit like this when the people watching with you live and die with every shot.....

    Anyway you look at it, Pacquiao is a class act all around, and Mayweather is a deadbeat.... :D

  10. Max E.

    Max E.

    Pacquiao once again shows he is a class act....

    "To the gay community, I apologize," Pacquiao said on the show, according to an "Extra" news release. "I'm against same-sex marriage, but I'm not condemning you. My favorite verse is 'Love one another as you love yourself. Love your neighbor.' So I love everybody!"
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