Packing and Trading

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Arthur Deco, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. As an index futures trader, I work in a tough neighborhood. Lots of scalpers, thieves, frauds, pirates, gunslingers and stop-gunners, not to mention Chicago market makers. So for protection I carry while I'm trading. What depends on my level of paranoia. It's a slow day today, so I have only a Ruger LCR in a Fobus paddle holster, 38 special +P can handle it. On a more interesting day, I'll feel better with my long-barrelled 357 Taurus 608 eight-shooter in a simple bandolier rig. Always loaded with Hornady Critical Defense dum-dums. Of course the defense 12 gauge, a Mossberg Mariner, is hanging on the wall easily to hand for those really bad days. On a bandolier 15 round sling. I figure no day is so bad it will survive double-ought buck. All this preparedness keeps me calm in my trades. This is just for daytrading, mind. While making investment decisions I take the longer view with an AR by my side. Oh, and be forewarned, if you're trading against a Texan, four percent of the adult population packs concealed legally. And judging from message boards, most of them cary a New York reload, as well. So, you see, a proper Texan is protected while trading, and gunned up for the Zombie Apocalypse.
  2. GG1972


    All those guns and still scared ? :D

    Me no guns still not scared
  3. siafx


    I myself am quite simple. I keep a Stoeger Coach Gun, 12 gauge, near at hand. It’s particularly useful on both bulls and bears. 3” Magnum BB shot usually gets the job done.
  4. The original pepper spray! Very old-fashioned. Do you wear a cowboy hat with it? You must be a stout fellow, because I don't think I'd fire a 3-inch 12 gauge out of a gun that light.
  5. siafx


    It’s bone rattlin’ for sure.:eek: My right pectoral & shoulder have filed an official protest with my brain on that. They are lobbying for a gas operated auto loader.

    No hat though! I am a one of them northern types, aka yankee…
  6. Careful Sitting Bull, he just might turn on you,too....:D
  7. OMG! You fire offhand as well! No disrespect, but I favor toy guns I can carry concealed. A small triumph yesterday, the wife asked while we were out, "Are you packing?" If she couldn't tell, nobody could tell. But getting back to trading, there is just something totally soothing and relaxing about feeling a reliable revolver on your hip and an assault pump shotgun immediately to hand on the wall. But it's not quite as effective as a high expectancy fully backtested trading system.
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    I had some trading days last year that were so bad, it was good that I didn't have my firearm handy. Stosh
  9. Stosh, there are two kinds of "Stops"! A gun only says one of them. A tested system says the other.