Packers vs. Da Bears

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  1. We must first start with a joke:
    A teacher tells her class she's a Packer's fan. The class agrees with her except one little girl. When asked who she likes the girl said "the Bears", the teacher asked why and the girl said "because my mommy and daddy are fans". The teacher replies "that's no reason to like them, what if your dad was an idiot and your mom was a moron, then what would you be?" The little girl replied back, "a Packers fan."

    My heart say's Bears, but I'd bet on the Packers. They're on a roll and the Bears always have trouble closing the deal.
  2. Why does Lambeau field have artificial hybrid grass?

    To keep the fans from grazing at halftime.
  3. "SQUEEZE THE CHEESE!!!" :eek:


    I want THE PACK to win this one.......I just hate Da Bears slightly more than The Pack! :D
  4. I'm geography challenged on anything west of the Hudson River (ask any true New Yorker which states starting with the letter I are west of each other, and be ready for a blank stare), but it occurs to me this is a probably a rivalry somewhat similar to the Yankees and the Red Sox in baseball? I hadn't really realized Milwaukee and Chicago were that close until just now.
  5. Packers's Rule!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I am rooting for the Packers but I also don't mind the Bears. Whatever team wins this game will have my support in the Super Bowl that's for damn sure!
  7. Careful of those Packer fans

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  8. TSA agent QUALIFIED! :eek:
  9. If those were Bear fans they would of already had his uniform off. :D
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