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  1. Are there any prop firms in the Pacific Northwest? I did a search (as well as looking into the larger national firms such as Bright and Echo) and I cannot find a single firm in Oregon or Washington. I trade futures, but I would be open to exploring equities if that's all that is in this region.

    As a corallary, post here if you are interested in prop trading in this region. My assumption is there are (relatively) few traders here, especially those involved in futures trading. I do not personally know any other active traders here in Portland, other than stock brokers.

    Perhaps, if there is enough interest, one of the reputable firms might look into opening one out here.

    Note: I believe Bright does have one in B.C., but I have no desire to live there, nor does my wife.....
  2. there are no prop firms here in washington. bright used to have one, but closed its office and i believe they only had 5-6 traders in the office at the time i spoke with them. they moved up to bc and i hear they are good traders up there.

    as far as this region, i too have yet to find a prop firm. i'm currently remote and would like to be in an office environment. you have any plans on moving up here? maybe if we get enough interest, we can set one up as the group i'm with are always looking to expand.
  3. I'm in Portland now. Unfortunately, Portland has a very dull financial industry. The extent of the industry here is stock brokerages and mortgage/insurance sales.

    I'm born and raised in Oregon, so we have strong family ties here and moving out of the area is not too desireable (except the possibility of heading ot Chicago). I too am looking for an office environment, as the addition of our second child in March will mean a housewife, two kids at home, and no quiet time for for concentration on trading. I would be interested in any ideas anyone may have; it seems there must be some trading interest between these two cities.
  4. yup, there's no prop firm in WA state. I too would be interested, either equities or futures. i'm in the Bellevue area.
  5. If you are willing to move down to San Francisco, you can find firms there.
  6. I've spent time in SF (family visits, vacation, etc...) as well as other parts of CA, and I can definately say I HATE California. It's all personal preference, but I am willing to bet that most people born and raised in CA would hate WA and OR. I'd rather live in Siberia.

    Unfortunately, it is currently one of the only options for those in the Pacific NW area. The only other areas I know in this general region are Las Vegas (Bright) and B.C. (Bright also).

    Perhaps if we get some more interest from members in this area, we can get something together.
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  8. i called these guys up early last year and they don't have a trading floor. they offer opening accounts up with them and utilize a "chat room" for remote traders...something like that. didn't sound too impressive to me.

    also, something about a firm called great eastern or northwestern trading (formerly innovative trading??). but i think those guys are more middlemen trying to cut traders a deal with firms. i really don't know much about them but they're business model didn't impress me either.

    hangseng, i totally understand your situation with the new addition to the family (congratulations!). i too am in the same boat and would love to be commuting to an office.

    i forgot your handle (the person living in bellevue) you trade equities or futures? are you currently with a prop firm trading remote?

    would love to keep this topic going as i believe there is a lot of potential here in the NW if several traders can just get together.
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    I too would be extremely interested in any prop firms in the Pacific Northwest.

    I'm currently at a prop firm in Newport Beach, California and would like to move back home (Oregon) in a few years. Hopefully by the time I'm ready to move back, there will be some prop opportunities up there.
  10. i used to trade at all-tech in bellevue, which became innovative which then became northwestern. same shop, different name. i donno why they changed their name so frequently. the guy that used to run it had good ideas, but never followed through. all in all, stay away from this shop as you will find better deals anywhere else.

    i used to swing/position trade equities, but have been thinking about futures. recently tried forex but the hours i didnt like. so now, i'm thinking about trading equities again(and/or futures).

    yes, i'm the one that's located in bellevue, WA. for me, i like trading remote as trading in an office was more of a distraction. or maybe it was just all-tech. if we can get a group going to at least meet occasionally to share ideas(as i still need to learn about futures trading), i'd be up for it.
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