Pace vs. Duration

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  1. I was wondering if anyone has done any research on Pace of a trend verses the duration it lasts. Pace meaning the angle of the trend. I think I am mistaken that the slower the Pace(less angles/money velocity), the shorter the duration of the overall trend. It might even be the opposite. If the pace is real fast, the odds of the trend lasting very long might not be very high.

    What I have been working on is using the pace to go to a different fractal to trade off of. The only concern is if the trend is a slower pace, it might not last as long. This is probably flawed thinking as probably both paces make the same moves in terms of overall points but one just takes longer to get there.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  2. I once had an idea about a chart made up of dots. Each time a trade was executed, a dot would pop up on the chart at the executed price. You could adjust the time interval so that the dots didn't merge until the trading picked up. I strongly suspected that you could spot entry points with something like this. I don't have the ability to do this myself and so I mentioned it on another site but got no feedback. The fact that you could actually see the trading pickup or slow down still intrigues me.

    I would definitely like to see quote tracker include it as one of their options.
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    I am a day trader. So, I have to deal with pace and duration continuously. Most of the time (30, 60 min) market in longer period looks like barely moving, but in 1 min or tick chart mkt is moving in slow pace then suddenly there is a fast pace. Now, if it does not stop or slow in few seconds, then you have a trend going and you can hop in it or wait for retracement to enter. basically, you need a momentum indicator to play this game. Most of the trade will be wash or small loss, but some will go your you when trade from support and resistance.